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Our Services

We help your business to go online within a few clicks! Select your domain with a hosting plan, and a few clicks would make you go online. Our experts would help you build your awesome website, help you stand out on the web, and increase your reach in the market.

A Powerful, Stunning, Hassle-Free Ecommerce Store That Enables You To Sell Online!

We develope online stores for you so that you can start selling your products all over the world right away. We manage your site, database backups and performance while you just need to concentrate on managing your sales and shipping. Domain name, usually the name of the store, plays an important role in providing a great impression on the store during initial visits. Though quality of the product is more important to retain the customers for further consistent sales. We help you right from selecting a brand name for your store, acquiring the domain, and building a beautiful web store that catches the eyes of customers and improve sales. Optimization is our default behaviour and would be in line with the development process.

Blog Development

We know the importance of blogging in the process of learning and evolution towards expertise, and so we encourage students and professionals to start blogging. Start blogging on the tasks that you perform on a daily basis at work or school, document the issues and resolutions. This way you will keep track of all your experience and soon you will accumulate a great database that you can refer back to whenever needed. You change Organizations, but the database keeps accumulated providing you quick access to the details as the content in the blogs is very organized and categorized.

Web Development

It is now a common expectation for every business is to have a website. It not only makes your presence online, but also helps attract more customers with some web optimization techniques. We build beautiful and powerful websites with sound content that suit to your exact needs. Design will be in tune with search engine optimization right from the beginning, to enable the site to attract more traffic. Call us today to get more details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you help transfer my websites from my previous hosting provider?

Yes, we help you transfer your CPanel accounts from the servers of your previous hosting provider to our servers for free. We also help you in transferring your websites individually if required.

I already have a domain/domains, can i use the same to build websites in Abhiudaya?

Yes, you can either transfer your domains to us, or just update the name servers of AbhiUdaya in your current domain settings.

Do you allow adult content?

Sorry. We do not allow any such content that is considered to be adult in nature.

Are my websites safe from malware and any hacking threats? What do you do to safeguard our data?

With our complimentary malware scanning and proactive protection from brute-force attacks, your websites will be safe from the hackers.

How do you make my website run faster?

LiteSpeed WebServer run usually 10x faster than Apache and thus it makes your websites run faster. LiteSpeed Cache elected as the fastest caching plugin for Wordpress websites, which makes your Wordpress websites run faster.

Domain availability ia a problem now a days, so would you help us select a great looking domain?

Yes, we will help you with few filtered suggestions on the domain name, depending on the nature of your website or business, which can be promoted as your "brand" once acquired.

Is SSH access to the server possible?

Yes, it is possible to SSH to your respective servers, but this option is not enabled by default, so you need to log a ticket for this.

Do you provide Email accounts associated with my domain name?

Yes. All the plans will get a free email hosting plan under which you can create professional mail IDs like address@yourdomain.com. While our Basic Cloud plan provides you with 5 mail IDs, other plans would provide unlimited mail IDs.

Can you help us create and design our website?

Yes. If you want us to design and develop your website, we can certainly do that for you for an additional development fee. Talk to us for further details.

What kind of websites do you develop and host at AbhiUdaya?

We develop different kinds of static and dynamic websites, web applications like School Management Software, Learning Management System, Booking Site, Blog, Ecommerce Store, and many more using PHP.

We want to see people achieving their business and personal goals by providng them with our technical solutions that automate their repetitive routine, keep them connected with their realtime data, thus making life easy and interesting.



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